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Introductions please- Feel free to Network!
This is the place where please feel free to introduce yourself and network around!
By   abhijeet deshmukh   On October 12, 2010

Hi there, my name is Abhijeet Deshmukh. I am a PhD student at Purdue University, Indiana.
I am all geared up to work for LAA.
Hope to hear from many more.
By   Prerak Shah   On May 1, 2010

Hello friends... this is Prerak Shah - computer engineer from LDCE's 1994 batch!

Very Excited to have our own alumni portal. In current days of so many networking sites like facebook, linkedIn and all... some people may not see as much need of our own portal... but to me its step in right direction. Apart from networking, it opens a passage to many interesting opportunities.

When we engineers claim for our ability to build and change the world, this is an effort to start that work from home. I am glad to be part of it!