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Job Searching: How alumni can help each other
Your Fellow Alumni

As alumni of the LD College, the most powerful tool we have is each other. With hundreds of new graduates every year, our reach as an alumni group is expansive. Not only will you find alumni working all over the world in a variety of industries and companies, but those same alumni may be hiring for positions or are fellow job seekers.
Don't be afraid to reach out to fellow alumni for help in your job search, especially new graduates and alumni in transition.
Here is a challenge for all of you alumni. Head over to and join the LAA alumni group. Think about a company or job you are interested in and do a search for a person who works at that company in your target job. If you see a LDCE alumnus, invite them to connect. Send a short message that details who you are, that you are a fellow alumni and what year you graduated.
Let them know you are interested in a position similar to theirs and ask them if they would like to have a cup of coffee or a phone call to talk more about how they got into their field and what they like/ dislike about their position.
You can be the most seasoned veteran in your field or a brand new graduate, connecting with fellow alumni is a great way to expand your network and your career options. I make it a point to connect with at least 2 new alumni every month.
Challenge yourself to expand your alumni network, and you might be surprised what opportunities open up.